Jerry Kermode School of Woodturning
Teaching the Art of Non-violent Woodturning

Beginning through advanced classes are offered at Jerry’s studio in Sebastopol, California. See our schedule for dates and times. All tools and materials are provided and a delicious lunch is served each day. Jerry is also available as a guest teacher.

Beginning Woodturning


  • Covers the essential elements of woodturning:
    • Spindle & faceplate turning
    • Non-violent woodturning
    • Each student provided with a  lathe and a set of tools to use in class
    • Wood, sandpaper and finishes provided for basic projects
  • Lathe Possibilities: Advanced techniques shown through demonstration


Day One: The Basics of Between Center Turning

  1. Tool selection
  2. Tool sharpening
  3. Wood selection
  4. Lathe set-up
  5. Proper speeds
  6. Basic safety
  7. The cuts: beads & coves, coves & beads
  8. Project possibilities:
    – carving mallet
    – weed pot
    – mushrooms
    – oil lamp
    – lots of quality shavings

Day Two: The Basics of Faceplate Turning

  1. Review Day 1
  2. Finding the bowl within the tree
  3. Mounting techniques-chuck types
  4. The bowl gouge: riding the bevel
  5. Nonviolent woodturning
  6. Projects:
    – A green wood bowl
    – A dry wood bowl
  7. Sanding and finishing
  8. Reverse chucking to finish the bottom
  9. Questions & answers & lots of congratulations all around


Student lathes, with a 9" swing and 12" between centers, are lathes small in size only. Jerry uses one daily for small projects and high-speed turning. This perfect beginning lathe will see you through two days of challenging and satisfying turning. You will also get hands-on experience of Jerry’s VL300 and custom bowl lathe.

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Cost: $425.00 (Returning studio students: $400)

Saturday and Sunday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

See our schedule for class dates. To reserve your spot, contact Deborah directly at or call us at (707) 824-9893.

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Advancing Woodturning


Advanced Turning Projects
- Demonstration and hands-on*

  • Natural edge bowls
  • Multi-axis spindles
  • Balls
  • and more (except hollow turning)

Sign Up

Cost: $180.00 ($10 off to previous studio students)

Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

See our schedule for class dates. To reserve your spot, contact Deborah directly at or call us at (707) 824-9893.


All Classes

  • Maximum of five students per class.
  • Will take alternate 6th student in case of cancellation. Alternate will have choice of next available class.
  • $100.00 deposit required, refundable up to one week prior to class or if class is cancelled. Balance due first day of class.
  • Call us now at (707) 824-9893 to schedule. First come, first served.
  • Dates subject to change or cancellation. Please contact us to confirm.
Photo by Jessica Lin

Photo by Jessica Lin