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February 2017

After a full and varied holiday season, we are back to work and looking forward to a year of turning wood, teaching, shows, all of which bring us in contact with people we enjoy.  And we will continue appreciating that we live in a beautiful area where we can enjoy the out doors, biking, hiking, sailing and swimming and where we have the opportunity to sing and dance with friends and enjoy great yoga teachers.  All of this give us a sense of peace amidst the sense of current turmoil.

We are looking forward to a busy year of teaching with classes already almost full through April.  If woodturning with Jerry is on your bucket list this year, be sure and sign up soon!  That said, just had a couple of reschedules for our class this month, so there is now some space.  Our 2017 school schedule  is now available.

Shows this year will be our two open studio events, one in the spring and one in the fall, both exceptionally beautiful times to visit Sonoma County.  Our spring should be magnificent after all the rain we are finally enjoying.  Applications are going in for ACC San Francisco and the Sausalito Art Festival, so stay tuned.
Check our Show Schedule for details as the year progresses.  

Multi-axis turning, making a "perfect" ball and Jerry's stitches are part of our advanced class offerings. 

Back on a personal path, we are looking forward to celebrating our 50th anniversary in March.  We have been married for a long time, though wasn't it just yesterday?  Almost 45 of those years we have worked together making things out of wood, be it crafts, house remodeling, furniture, bowls.  And we are still at it and still happy together!  

Thank you for visiting us virtually.

Check out our Show Page to see where we will be setting up next.

We hope to see you in person, but if not, please visit a gallery if there is one near you, or call us direct.

If you are interested in learning how to turn wood, check out our school here in Sebastopol.

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Taking the “Starving” out of Artist Workshop

To all of you who have been waiting for me to resurrect this workshop, I must tell you that I have decided it just is not happening; too many other opportunities for our business take up my time.  I may in the future figure out a new offering, which will be presented here, but in the meantime, I apologize if I kept you on a string and now am letting go of it.